Ken Thorne Photo | Unique Travel Photography - Vancouver, BC

 Objects are usually carried on the head.  Here a man carries a heavy load in the morning sunlight near Antananarivo. A view overlooking the bustling polluted capital city of Antananarivo during sunset.  At around 1400 meters above sea level, with a population of 1.2 million, Tana can be quite chaotic and especially chilly during the winter months.  A Vezo fisherman struggles to extinguish a grass fire threatening a breeding ground for rare birdlife on the reserve island of Nosy Ve in Southern Madagascar.    A good view of the stereoscopic eyes and bright skin colors of a chameleon native to Madagascar. A rainbow appears over a small village on the East Coast of Madagascar.        A young boy does flips on a beach in Nosy Komba.      The Black lemur is endemic to the Northwest regions of Madagascar.  Males and females are unique.  With her golden brown fur and white ear tuffs the female looks considerably different than her black male counterpart.